17-21 September 2012
Nagoya University
Asia/Tokyo timezone
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Coffee break
Tau hadronic decay I
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Tau hadronic decay II
Tau hadronic decay III
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Tau basic property and tau deacy simulations
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Tau and LFV/LNV decays from heavy hadron
Poster session
Muon I
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Muon II
Neutrino I
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Neutrino II
Workshop dinner
LHC related I
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LHC related II
Future project I
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Future project II & summary
anouncement from LOC
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58 21-Sep-2012 09:50 Tau-charm in Russia SHWARTZ, Boris Future project I Slides
30 18-Sep-2012 16:25 Measurement of B->tau nu HORII, Yasuyuki Tau and LFV/LNV decays from heavy hadron Slides Paper
42 19-Sep-2012 14:30 T2K  Oscillation Results HILLAIRET, Anthony Neutrino I Slides Paper
43 19-Sep-2012 16:20 Future direction for neutrino oscillation experiments RUBBIA, Andre Neutrino II Slides
60 21-Sep-2012 11:05 FNAL project relating to g-2 ROBERTS, B. Lee Future project II & summary Slides
61 21-Sep-2012 11:30 JPARC project relating to g-2 MIBE, Tsutomu Future project II & summary Slides
62 21-Sep-2012 11:55 Tau2012 Workshop Summary PICH, Antonio Future project II & summary Slides Paper
63 21-Sep-2012 12:30 anouncement from LOC   anouncement from LOC Slides
64 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Search for tau->mu+gamma at Super c-tau factory BOBROV, Alexander Poster session Paper
65 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Tau identification validation for light stau search through squark/gluino cascade decays at CMS DELANNOY, Andres G Poster session  
66 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Limits on the Electromagnetic and Weak Dipole Moments of the Tau-lepton in a 331 Model GUTIERREZ-RODRIGUEZ, Alejandro Birgilio Poster session Paper
67 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Limits on the anomalous HZgamma vertex arising from the process e+ e- -> nu nu-bar gamma HERN A DEZ RUIZ, Mar i a de los Angeles Poster session Paper
68 18-Sep-2012 17:20 A Highly Intense DC Muon Source, MuSIC, and Muon CLFV Search HINO, Yuko Poster session Paper
69 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Development of a new photon-sensor for the Hyper-Kamiokande Project HIROTA, Seiko Poster session Paper
80 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Search for B+ -> D- l+ l+ decays at Belle and prospects for Belle II SEON, Oksu Poster session  
81 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Measurement of the top-quark pair production cross section using final states with an electron or muon and one hadronically decaying tau lepton TAKAHASHI, Yuta Poster session Paper
84 18-Sep-2012 17:20 Search for Supersymmetry in the MET + Jets + Taus Final State Using CMS   Poster session  
24 18-Sep-2012 11:40 Measurement of tau lifetime from Belle SOKOLOV, Anatoly Tau basic property and tau deacy simulations Slides
25 18-Sep-2012 14:00 Probing CP Violation in Tau Decays -- like Finding Signs of Dark Matter BIGI, Ikaros Tau CPV Slides Paper
26 18-Sep-2012 14:30 CP violation in hadronic tau decays KIERS, Ken Tau CPV Slides Paper
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